A new type of lecture – short and participatory

The brief:
On Tuesday August 3 a twitter lecture on the four proposed/actual changes to the law which are changing the media landscape, marketing and freedom of expression in South Africa.
The lecture will be tweeted using our traditional #smed10 hashtag.
The items are:
1. Proposed media tribunal (Paper to be presented to the ANC’s national general council meeting in September, 2010)
2. The Protection of Information Bill
3. The ICASA Amendment Bill
4. The Consumer’s Protection Act
The process
Prior to the event:
Real all the newspaper articles and editorials on these acts that you are able to find online. (Each student must read at least 2 articles per act). Please print out the articles that you have sourced – with full references.
Prepare at least 4 questions – Minimum 1 per act as to what you believe are the benefits as well as the dangers of the acts to the citizens of South Africa (Joe Public).
On WebCT: Take the Media landscape survey one: This is not a test, it is a benchmark measure of what you know about each bill. Doing it will get you marks, not how well you do. (Michelle – you got that I hope).
(I need it for the research).

On the day: At 19h00: I will begin to post tweets outlining the details of the acts/proposed amendments. There will be approximately 30 posts. At 19h30: PT/Students are to post their tweets – under the following guidelines.
• Used the hashtag
• One act or topic per tweet (KISS principle).
• Post prepared tweets first
• You will also need to ask questions of other people’s posts.
• You may flame – but you may not be rude.
• Twitter is a public forum
I have invited a couple of people to add their voices to the tweets. For example, the DA, Paul Jacobson (cyberlawyer), and Matt Visser (Moderator) etc. I will invite more.
At 20h30: We (the whole class will stop tweeting on this issue) however we may respond to @mentions of D direct messages.
On Thursday August 9: The class will retake the survey on webct. I trust that the result will be remarkable and show learning has taken place.
Marks will be awarded on participation – number of knowledgeable tweets – of approximately 100 characters or more. (Short enough to retweet without having to abbreviate.
Marks will be taken away for tweets, which do not add value (Really, wow, imagine that… are all banned)
Marks will be awarded for RT by people outside the class. (Yes, no doubt you will all get a little help from your friends).
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Adii Rockstar – a new adventure

Link to the twitter account.  Check out the blog – and watch woothemes.  Adii is young (24 or so), passionate about business models, not doing it for the money, enjoying playing and I think wondering how he got to where he is right now.  Innovative and humble is part of the reason.  Richard Branson attitude “Screw it, just do it” and it is not about the money.  Adii presented at the GSB today on the Nomadic Marketing course.


Twitter :  Add your blog address to your twitter profile – it will make you so much easier to find.

Tweet by Melissa Atree: “WTF is Twitter?” http://www.5fm.co.za/djs/Poppy/blog/to-tweet-or-not-to-tweet-wtf-is-twitter-anyway – My #5FM post this week #GlobalExpress – send it to peeps you’re trying to get onto twitter :). Check this out via a web. It is also posted on Blackboard Learning Systems.
Also read The Times (SA) article “How Tweet it is” also posted on Blacboard Learning Systems for those who DON’T read newspapers.