If I were the boss

If I were the boss…

  • I would reward performance rather than attendance.
  • I would value people who do rather than people who don’t do anything.
  • I would notice those who do the whole job rather than those who do a half job; leaving someone else to pick up the pieces.
  • I would be grateful to those who show initiative rather than those who wait to be told what to do.
  • I would be thankful tor those who tell me what they have done rather than those who wait for me to ask
  • I would learn from those who offer new ways of doing things rather than be bothered by those who repeat endlessly, without rhyme or reason, what has always been done.
  • I would welcome those who question rather than those who do without thinking.
  • I would pay grateful to those who pay attention to detail as they will save me  rather than dismiss them as nit pickers.
  • I would pay attention to the global thinkers rather than try and solve the problems caused by unintended consequence.
  • I would cautious of the arrogant rather than be wary of the cautious.
  • I would praise the independent thinker who wants to achieve rather than favour the brown noser who wants to curry bias.
  • I would respect those who are kind to those who report to them; able to combine understanding with compliance rather than those who use fear and status to get obedience.
  • I would take the time to explain and provide feedback.  Working in isolation or not understanding is detrimental to achieving a mutual satisfactory end goal
  • I would be big on small things and small on big things
  • I would laugh a little each day; at myself, with others, remembering never to take my self seriously while taking my job seriously
  • I would make every day an adventure, an exploration into the unknown.
  • I would make use of my experience to broaden the experience of others
  • I would pay an honest day’s wage for an honest days work
  • I would never think that anyone got up in the morning and went to work wanting to do a bad job.
  • I would get down and grubby and do the dirty work alongside my staff – everyone needs to be real all the time.
  • I would praise my staff at every opportunity in public and I would only reprimand in private after I had found a right thing to praise.
  • I would know each and everyone’s name, the names and ages of their family and their dreams.  I would spend as much time making their dreams come true as I do my own,
  • I would give everyone one chance – to learn, to grow, to apologize – this is not a second chance, but a chance to change and make new mistakes.
  • I would reward monetarily those who make my job easier, better and faster.
  • I would never compare workers – only tell them the standard I want them to achieve.
  • I would value creativity above obedience.

I would, I would – I know I would.   On on the other hand I would fire

  • those who use the team’s efforts as their own while punishing the team for their own inadequacies
  • laziness before incompetence;  competence can be taught.
  • arrogance before lack of confidence because people who lack confidence are more likely to ask and,
  • attitude and ego before willingness.