New line-up for the next two weeks

There has been a change to the line-up for the next two weeks.  Your presentations have been postponed until the April 11 (FULLTIME) and April 12 (PART-TIME).  A full brief has been posted on Blackboard.  It is detailed.  The standard has been raised.  I now expect brilliance…

You will have to read the Cluetrain to get background to the presentation and to make sure you have made an accurate interpretation of the thesis. You don’t remember 1999 as you were all about 10 so do not assume it is today.  There are huge differences between 1999 and 2011.  Singularity approaches… it was not always so.

Also make sure you do some research into how Presentation Zen style presentation’s work. You can also look at slideshare you-suck-at-powerpoint for some pointers.   Next week you have a blogging workshop. As there is a guest lecturer – it is compulsory.

BTech programme

Fulltime class as normal Tuesday / Thursday this week.

Full time class:   Monday April 4, 2011 Class at 09h00 with Sheena Gates.  Blogger Project to be handed out.  You should finish around lunchtime. Tuesday 5th  am:  BTech will finalize project and hand in.  No Class next Thursday  7th as it is training day.   Monday April 11, 2011 13h00  Presentations.  No excuses, no late submissions.

Part-time class: Tuesday April 5, 2011 starts at 17h30 for Blog workshop.  Tuesday April 12, 2011 class will start at 18h30 with briefing for second years.  Then presentations will be from 19h30 until finished.  Please make arrangements for transportation.  You may not leave until everyone is finished.


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