How others see you?

That headline should not have a question mark, but how others see you is always a question mark so please forgive my bad grammar. My students see me as a teacher, my daughter as a mother, my mother as a daughter, my work fellows as a pain in the ass.
But the more important question is how do I see me… Like the rest of you I am complicated and conflicted because I am not just one thing. I am ME. But who is me… Let me try with attributes and see if that makes a whole (or is it hole) me. I am not a doughnut.
I am friendly, except when you are needy, lying and trying to manipulate me. I am kind, except when you take me for a fool. I am honest… always for everyone (being honest makes you more unpopular than popular – nobody likes the truth). I am difficult, because I walk to my own drum and really, really like doing things my way. I am complicated because I play many roles and some roles are not to my liking or my choosing. I am arbitrary because I like to try new things – sorry guys – I know why you say that. I am old in years and young at heart because the world still excites me. You are many things too, I look forward to seeing the multi-dimensional you