Three simple questions to use as a starting block

There are 3 simple questions that I use, almost religiously, to guide me when I don’t really know where to start with a project, any project. And I find that they can be used in any order although there is no doubt that 1 and 3 are the most important. They are:
1. Who am I talking to? This is your target audience or the person you need to persuade of something. It can be anything from the market – people you want to sell or your significant other who you want to do something. The key phrase here is that you want something from someone.
2. What do I want to tell them? This is the message you want to give. It could be the basis of an exchange. E.g. If you do this I will do that. Or if you pay this amount you will this amount of value. The message dictates the barter.
3. What do I want you to do as a result of hearing my message. In a nutshell, this means what response do I want from you.
If you are a business you are best advised to start with 3 as this will decide the business objective you wish to meet and will also set the unit of measurement that you will use for your success (or failure).
If you are in persuasion, you might want to start with 1, as it will tell you how to present your message.
No matter where you start it, these three questions which I read off a wall in someone’s office a long time ago will set you on the right path.
Good luck.